A documentation generator for TypeScript projects.

YAML Configuration


  • config-file:

    • Path to the TypeDoc configuration file (tsconfig.json).
    • If this field is omitted:
      • Docstand searches for tsconfig.json under the repository and uses it to build documentation.
      • In case when tsconfig.json has not been found, Docstand generates default tsconfig.json by running tsc --init at the repository root.
  • input-dirs:

    • Defaults to the directory where the TypeDoc configuration file exists.
  • machine:

    • cpu:

      Amount of CPU. The default machine has 0.5 CPU with 1920 MiB RAM.

  • options:

    Below is the list of supported options:

    --disableOutputCheck                Should TypeDoc disable the testing and cleaning of the output directory?
    --entryPoint                        Specifies the fully qualified name of the root symbol. Defaults to global namespace.
    --exclude                           Define a pattern for excluded files when specifying paths.
    --excludeExternals                  Prevent externally resolved TypeScript files from being documented.
    --excludeNotExported                Prevent symbols that are not exported from being documented.
    --excludePrivate                    Ignores private variables and methods
    --excludeProtected                  Ignores protected variables and methods
    --externalPattern                   Define a pattern for files that should be considered being external.
    --gaID                              Set the Google Analytics tracking ID and activate tracking code.
    --gaSite                            Set the site name for Google Analytics. Defaults to `auto`.
    --gitRevision                       Use specified revision instead of the last revision for linking to GitHub source files.
    --hideGenerator                     Do not print the TypeDoc link at the end of the page.
    --includeDeclarations               Turn on parsing of .d.ts declaration files.
    --includes DIRECTORY                Specifies the location to look for included documents (use [[include:FILENAME]] in comments).
    --media DIRECTORY                   Specifies the location with media files that should be copied to the output directory.
    --mode                              Specifies the output mode the project is used to be compiled with: 'file' or 'modules'
    --name                              Set the name of the project that will be used in the header of the template.
    --plugin                            Specify the npm plugins that should be loaded. Omit to load all installed plugins, set to 'none' to load no plugins.
    --readme                            Path to the readme file that should be displayed on the index page. Pass `none` to disable the index page and start the documentation on the globals page.
    --theme                             Specify the path to the theme that should be used or 'default' or 'minimal' to use built-in themes.
    --toc                               Specifies comma-separated top level table of contents.

Resolving Dependencies

Docstand performs npm install under all the directories where package.json exists.


  • With typedoc set to default

      typedoc: default
  • With custom machine:

          cpu: 1.5 # 1.5 CPU, 5760 MiB RAM
  • With customized typedoc

        config-file: src/tsconfig.json
        input-dirs: [src/base, src/platform]
          --mode: modules
          --exclude: "**/test/**"
          --readme: none

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