Once a repository is registered on Docstand, you can watch/unwatch branches for that repository from Settings >> Branches. Only users with Admin permissions can configure the Branches setting.

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Watching Branches

By default, Docstand watches the default branch of the repository.

  • To watch all branches, you can simply check Watch all branches.

  • To watch specific branches, you can check Watch specific branches and then choose the branches from the select menu.

When a branch is being watched, git-push on that branch triggers a new job on Docstand.

Unwatching Branches

To unwatch a branch that is being watched, you can click Unwatch button displayed in the list of watched branches.

When a branch is unwatched,

  • git-push on that branch does not trigger any job on Docstand
  • the generated documents and console logs related to that branch are deleted from Docstand


Docstand watches all the tags that are created after registering the repository. When a tag is created, a new job is started on Docstand to build the documentation for that tag.

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