Getting Started with Docstand

This is a brief guide to start using Docstand with your git repositories hosted on GitHub/Bitbucket.

Sign Up to Docstand

To sign up, go to the Docstand homepage and click the Sign up button in the top right corner:

docstand signin

Then, it is just as easy as choosing between your GitHub or BitBucket accounts:

choose account

GitHub will ask you to allow Docstand to access to your repositories. To do so, just click Authorize rocro button. If you use organization accounts in GitHub, please refer to the page ‘How to Grant Access to a GitHub Organization’.

authorize rocro

Congratulations, with just a few clicks, you registered with Docstand!

Now let’s move forward and see how to register your repository.

Repository Registration

With Authorize rocro button clicked, you will land on the main page that lets you register your repositories and access the reports. For now, you don’t have any repositories registered so you need to add one. To do so, just select the Repositories from the top menu:

repository config

Most probably, Docstand already synced the list of your repositories and all you have to do is to click the Register button. However, if you can’t see your repositories as in the below image, just click the Sync button in the top right corner and wait for Docstand to refresh the page.

repository sync

When the repository is registered, Docstand starts watching

  • the default branch of that repository
  • all the tags created after registering that repository

Note: Check here to know more about watching/unwatching branches.

Thereafter, when new commits are pushed to any of the watched branches or when a tag is created, Docstand starts a new job to generate the documentation.

Docstand automatically detects the primary language for that repository, then chooses the default tool corresponding to that language and uses that tool to generate the documentation.

If you’d like to customize the documentation generation, see Configuration.

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