Getting Started with Docstand

This is a brief guide to start using Docstand with your git repositories hosted on GitHub/Bitbucket.

  • Sign in to Docstand with your GitHub/Bitbucket account and authorize ROCRO application.
  • Once you are signed in, go to the repository registration page and register the repository you want to build the documentation for.

    Note: You can only register the Git repositories you have Admin access to.

  • When the repository is registered, Docstand starts watching

    • the default branch of that repository
    • all the tags created after registering that repository

    Note: Check here to know more about watching/unwatching branches.

  • Thereafter, when new commits are pushed to any of the watched branches or when a tag is created, Docstand starts a new job to generate the documentation.

  • Docstand automatically detects the primary language for that repository, then chooses the default tool corresponding to that language and uses that tool to generate the documentation.

    If you’d like to customize the documentation generation, see Configuration.

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